B3Glam is an Italian company with over 20 years experience.

Since 1999, we have been growing from R&D laboratory to industrial contract manufacturing company creating new concepts and innovative ideas of color cosmetics.

Our production plant is located near Crema, in a 5000 sqm area.

Our Building

Our building has: PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM which develops 125.000 kw/year; FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM which creates comfortable and healthy working condition; WATER DEPURATION & RECYCLING SYSTEM which collects, cleans and recycles water for secondary uses.


Our goal is to satisfy the specific needs of our customers. For this reason, we have our own Research and Development Center, to create products with the necessary performance for the customer.

  • We respect COSMETIC LAWS & REGULATIONS for formulation processes, developement and innovation.
  • We pay great attention in HUMAN RESOURCES because everyone has an important role in reaching our success.
  • PREVENTION & PROTECTION MEASURES are on top of our goals. We take care about our working people.

Polo tecnologico della cosmesi

We are associated with the Polo tecnologico della cosmesi, an association made by a group of Italian companies, representing the excellence of the cosmetic and make-up market.


B3 Glam is proud to formalize its ISO certification 22716, applicable for the following purpose: Production and packaging of Makeup products in powder, anhydrous paste, emulsion and gel, solution and suspension.

Check our certification at the following link: B3 Glam ISO Certification 22716